About Us

At the Psychological Health And Therapy Center we see every person as a unique and awesome individual. Our goal is to assist you on your journey to discover and cultivate the best you, that you want to be. Our clinicians are licensed and highly trained in their area of treatment, to ensure the highest quality of therapy for those that seek our help.


The UNICORN is a unique creature that is seen as a symbol of clarity and hope. Its horn is said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. We chose the UNICORN as our symbol with the goal to provide those same attributes to you. Ours has a horn that glows, to serve as a beacon of hope and guide you on the way to becoming your own UNICORN.

Meet Our Executive Director

Andre Caruso, Psy.D. (He, Him)

Have you achieved your full level of awesomeness? Dr. Caruso believes that, Awesomeness is achieved through a healthy mind. He appreciates the opportunity to assist others in improving their mental health, wellness and reaching their own level of awesomeness. He has worked with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families who desired to enhance the relationships they have with themselves, others, and their profession. Some of his areas of expertise involve working with people suffering from the effects of depression, anxiety, STRESS, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief/loss, relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues, career development, vocational concerns, professional challenges, infidelity, conflict management, brain injury or trauma, and/or other challenging life’s stressors. Dr. Caruso does specialize his work with both the LGBTQ and Hospitality communities and is a WPATH professional member.

Dr. Andre Caruso earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Prior to founding DACPACS, Inc, and becoming the Executive Director of the Psychological Health And Therapy Center, Dr. Caruso was the COO of the Biscayne Foundation, a non-profit organization and the Vice Principal of the Biscayne Academy, a school for special needs children. Earlier in his career, as Director of Training, Dr. Caruso help train and shape the minds of interns and practicum students from multiple local graduate programs. In addition, Dr. Caruso was responsible for Program Development and Oversight. Some of those treatment programs included: Traumatic Brain Injury, Developmentally Disabled, Life Enhancement (geriatric), and Pediatric cognitive retraining. Currently, Dr. Caruso serves as the Chairman of the Board, for the LoveGood Foundation, a non-profit focusing on increasing the equality and reducing the stigma of the LGBTQ community.

For More Information about Dr. Caruso’s speaking events or consultation services or to learn more about our Parent Company DACPACS, Inc. Please visit their site.